Return to Beacon Hill

A 12 mile circular walk taking in Beacon Hill, Knighton. This hill marks the start of the Trans Cambrian Mountain Bike route which I rode in September 2013 and also featured on a organised walking event from Knigton many years ago with Graham. Today on a sunny autumn Sunday we parked the car at Lloyney and walked back on the roadside a short distance before turning up a minor road and almost immediately turn off onto a leaf covered track to the right. 

The track rises gently traversing the slope before emerging from the trees turning sharply and steeply up onto Wernygeufron hill. The slope relents and we walk the broad shoulder flanked by brown bracken on good open tracks with views of Radnor hill to the south and the Beacon to the front and right. After a few miles we encounter Glyndwrs Way and the sign informing us that we are entering crown estate land. Here numerous tracks bisect the slopes and our track took us to the right of the summit. Here we stopped for a sandwich and took in the views north; the valley in the foreground and the longmynd in the background. 


We follow the track to the north and gently descend back towards the valley. A short hop along the road and cut right up a track into a brown woodland. We double back on ourselves and drop back towards a farm before commencing our final ascent back to Wernygeufron hill. The spaniel is tired now and walks along side us as we retrace our steps back to the car. 


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