All the best plans of mice and men

i have had to wait several days before writing this post – a combination of circumstances has resulted in my return to Calgary. It all started well in Banff – I knew it was going to be hot and difficult but as I made my way up the trails to Spray Lakes I lost gear changing – 10 miles in I had to reverse down the Smith Dorrien Spray Trail towards Carnmore – I suspected the little box of tricks (see photo) that acts to change the gearing was the issue and after a spot of fiddling I resolved it – the hill was ascended again in 30 degree heat and dust to where I left off, another 10 miles along the S-D dreading every time a monster ATV passed throwing up a cloud of dust. The campsite on the Spray Lake was great and a local shared his beer with me – I had a substantial thirst on. Day 2 will follow shortly………


Goat Creek

Box of tricks proving a wee bit too clever for its own good

Spray Lakes





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